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Regional Purchasing Specialist
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01/28/14 N/A Full Time Purchasing CA - Corona

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The Regional Purchasing Specialist is responsible for purchasing / procurement of vertical and horizontal contracts for work constructed in the region.  The Regional Purchasing Specialist is responsible for bidding, spreading, analyzing, negotiating, and awarding contracts to approved TradePartners®.  In addition to procurement duties, the Regional Purchasing Specialist is responsible for assembling and maintaining budgets, preparing documents for inclusion into trade contract agreements, and other duties related to the purchasing process. 
Regional Purchasing Offices provide important services to the divisions; it is the Purchasing Specialist’s responsibility to respond timely to division needs and perform in keeping with established service standards and metrics.




  1. Research new products, features and amenities for cost effectiveness and marketability

  2. For each new community, collaborate with Division associates on the development of feature
    specifications commensurate with the competitive market requirements

  3. Prepare and confirm with Regional Director of Purchasing all specifications, amenities
    and options for a community or series of homes

  4. Whenever possible, participate in value engineering, preliminary architectural reviews,
    feature & specification meetings, and model walks

  5. Produce for the project the Product Specification Notebook

  6. Join with Division associates to assist in the value engineering process

  7. After the contract is awarded, assemble and distribute product specification notebook
    to the Division


  1. Assist in the preparation of the proforma direct construction cost estimate

  2. Assemble information necessary to complete the indirect cost estimate

  3. Prepare the Pre-bid line item budget estimate

  4. Maintain budgets in E1/JDE system and report budget adjustments to the division or
    business unit



  1. Maintain bid list with multiple qualified bidders per trade.  Review qualified vendor list with divisions served by the regional purchasing office

  2. Establish and hold trades accountable for meeting bid due dates

  3. Prepare and distribute all onsite bid sheets and packages, including latest
    architectural plans, consultant reports, cover letter with bid due date,
    standard trade requirements, list of options, specific trade requirements, and
    sequence sheet

  4. Obtain written bids for all quotations including production, option and alternate
    pricing, bid concessions, model home discounts, and sales complex upgrades


Analyze, Qualify, Negotiate

  1. Spread and compare bids for the cost of base house and optional offerings

  2. Identify and resolve bid discrepancies with each bidder

  3. Review and consider proposed substitutions

  4. Obtain Division approval for all substitutions, revise and update scopes and feature
    specifications to incorporate approved substitutions

  5. Review all substitutions or scope of work changes with each bidder

  6. Identify lowest qualified bidder and compare to line item budget estimate


Award Contract

  1. Prepare bid analysis / award recommendation summarizing the final bids for each
    qualified bidder. 

  2. Review award recommendations with Division and secure approvals in keeping with the
    Division’s Award Approval Process

  3. Reconcile Division feedback and receive approved and signed award recommendation.  If Division chooses to deviate from the
    recommended bidder, receive written documentation from the division supporting
    their decision to do so

  4. Advise successful trade of award decision, notify all other bidders of award decision

  5. Transmit complete and accurate award package to the contract administrator of processing


Contract Management

  1. Assemble required information to process contract change orders for substitutions, scope
    of work changes, code updates, etc. 

  2. Transmit complete and accurate change order package to contract administrator for


Cost Reduction / Management

  1. Track pricing for needed building materials, equipment, services, prevailing labor
    rates, and other related cost components for each assigned trade contract category

  2. Update bid sheet to accurately reflect the cost components of each assigned trade
    contract category

  3. Evaluate and compare bids to current and prevailing prices (for the items outlined in #1
    above) for the region and across the company

  4. Qualify and negotiate trade costs based upon prevailing prices

  5. When specifying, review and apply all national accounts, points, and rebate programs

  6. Advise RPO Director immediately of substantive changes or variation from the approved
    Direct Construction Cost and Indirect Construction Cost budget




  1. Obtain required information (cut-sheets, samples, specs, etc.) from manufacturers,
    suppliers, and trades to facilitate the work of contract administrators, sales,
    field supervision, and others served by the RPO.

  2. Check all work products for accuracy


Trade Relations

  1. Assist construction management in resolving TradePartner® issues

  2. Maintain professional, win-win working relationships with TradePartners® through honest
    and open exchange of information and ideas

  3. Participate in Trade Council meetings and committees as required

  4. Participate in industry / trade associations; maintain contacts

  5. Assist SHPIP administrator in gaining TradePartner® adherence to insurance


 Supervision of Supporting Staff

  1. Review Contract Administrator’s weekly priority lists and contract management logs; prioritize
    and distribute work as needed

  2. Monitor Contract Administrator’s performance and work production

  3. Monitor adherence to purchasing practices, procedures and standards in keeping with
    Shea Homes policies and values

  4. Supervise, develop and motivate assigned Purchasing Assistant

  5. Prepare associate performance appraisal and participate in appraisal process

  6. Assist associates in preparing yearly goals based on Shea business drivers and annual
    business plan

  7. Participate in purchasing staff meetings


Knowledge and Experience


  1. College degree or equivalent combination of education and experience

  2. Previous experience in a continuous improvement environment

  3. Mainframe and personal computer proficiency, including Microsoft Office Suite: Word,
    Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, E1/JDEdwards

  4. Five years experience in the homebuilding industry

  5. Three years experience in residential purchasing

  6. Multi-family purchasing experience a plus

  7. Field construction experience a plus


Skills and Abilities



  1. Must have a passionate drive to learn and improve. Self motivated

  2. Professional demeanor: projects positive and professional image

  3. Productivity: excellent attendance, excellent work quantity and quality, positive
    contributor; ability to work successfully in a team environment, strong people
    skills, works well with others at all levels

  4. Innovation: seeks new opportunities and growth challenges, contributes ideas, helps resolve
    problems, and develops new procedures and methods

  5. Honesty: truthful and trustworthy, does what needs to be done and what is right; is fair
    and objective, has personal integrity and treats others in a mature,
    responsible manner

  6. Loyalty: has commitment toward the goals and values of the organization, respects its
    efforts, defends its good name, gives the job the best effort and sincerity

  7. Initiative: ability to think, work and make independent decisions based on sound judgment

  8. Excellent written and verbal communications skills


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